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UCA National Youth Conference

July 2022

In midsummer, the American Chinese Association (UCA) held the third conference of the American Chinese Association and the first national youth conference in the beautiful Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. This is the first gathering of Chinese and Chinese youth in the United States after the once-in-a-century global COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing anti-Asian hate attacks due to the pandemic.


One of the biggest highlights of this conference is the first National Youth Conference. Nearly 300 Chinese-American youths from all over the United States participated in this youth conference. They brought vigor, energy, innovation, and excitement to the conference.

FRI students also presented their topics of interest in this conference. The students first displayed their research on the topic in the form of exhibition boards, and then further deepened their understanding of the topic through exchanges with other participants.

The students expressed that they have learned a lot from this UCA conference. They not only shared their research on related topics with the help of the UCA platform, but also met many partners with different backgrounds but the same original intention.

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