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How do we reimagine summer camp?

FRI Summer Camp

FRI is building a language-immersion summer camp to help students of Chinese gain experience-based fluency in target areas. With access to a diverse pool of qualified Chinese language teachers and a staff fluent in Chinese, we offer an immersive environment that extends beyond the classroom, fostering an authentic language learning experience for students. Over the years, our organization has developed deep-rooted connections within the capital, enabling us to provide personalized opportunities for each student to interact with diplomats, business people, and special interest groups.

Our Courses

Through fully immersive language instruction in the targeted language, interactive workshops, and cultural activities, students will develop proficiency in Chinese, enhancing their global competency and opening doors to future opportunities in an increasingly interconnected world.

The Language of Negotiation: Commerce and Diplomacy

Image by Mathias Reding

This program is a two-week, online Chinese language immersion program designed around the language tasks necessary for commercial negotiations. Each week will include twenty hours of instruction split across five weekdays. The first week will cover foundational language needs and cultural understanding. The second week will move to advanced language skills and practical application through interactions with real Chinese negotiators and business professionals in Washington DC.

The curriculum prioritizes learner-centered approaches by offering a blend of interactive online instruction, independent study, and practical application activities. By providing students with opportunities to engage actively in their learning process, they can take ownership of their language acquisition journey. The materials and resources are thoughtfully curated to be age-appropriate and culturally relevant, ensuring that students from low-SES backgrounds feel represented and engaged in their learning. Incorporating real-world negotiation scenarios and culturally immersive experiences with Chinese diplomats and commerce specialists not only enhances language skills but also fosters a deeper understanding of cultural nuances and promotes empathy and appreciation for diversity.

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