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Reimagined Pathways

The pathway to college doesn't have to be limited. We want all students to have the confidence and resources to reach for their dreams.

The Barriers

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According to a cengage study, 68% of students say education costs are a struggle for them. At the same time, millions of students do not fill out the FAFSA. Students don't know about many financial aid opportunities available to them.

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Many students lack access to academics enrichment, activities like competitions, research and sports, and health care, including mental health. These are all barriers that can hurt a student's ability to go to college.

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Many students from low-income backgrounds lack support at home to help them with college applications. School counselors are overwhelmed with student loads and this leaves a student alone in this effort.

How do we reimagine the college pathway?

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Support in Applications for Financial Aid

Provide students with the knowledge for how to submit to financial aid, apply for waivers, and apply for scholarships.

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Supplemental Financial Support

Help students with additional education costs.

How do we reimagine student research?

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Young Scholar Research Application

We are developing our own research program to give students the opportunity to develop their own research projects and publications. 

We are seeking students who are interested in spearheading this program as research assistants to our team. If interested, fill out the form listed below.  Applications are viewed on a rolling basis.

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