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Youth Conference


The Story Behind

Future Reimagined Initiative (FRI) is a non-profit, non-government organization that focuses on supporting the next generation in education. 

The pandemic brings new generations challenges and opportunities. In this changing environment, education is evolving in multiple ways. At Future Reimagined Initiative (FRI), the youth generation will get a chance to share thoughts and insights with professionals from different industries. Through events held by FRI, everyone has an opportunity to learn and get inspired to create solutions for the world.

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Our Vision and Goals

What do we want?

To contribute to a brighter future in which all students, educators, and schools have the resources needed for success.

  • Fundraising: Facilitate corporate and community partnerships to raise money and acquire resources necessary to support our advocacy programs.

  • Advocacy: Provide leadership to drive awareness for unment needs in public education that require additional support.

  • Programming: Develop and manage programs for grants, scholarships, and special initiatives that advance educational outcomes.

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