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Our Previous Events

We have worked with many organizations and sponsored many events to help build the education sector and provide opportunities for our students. Here is a selected list of events we have taken part in.

Student Events

Students are often unaware of opportunities around them to build up their resumes for college applications. We help them find events they are passionate about to participate in.

Image by ray sangga kusuma

Student Volunteering Opportunities

We help connect students with volunteer opportunities in their area where they can be a part of a greater community and help others.

Image by Ismael Paramo

In association with Points of Light

Image by Jeswin Thomas

Student Competitions

Image by Aaron Burden

Essay Competition for social sciences.

Image by UX Indonesia

Student Research Mentorship

Students are connected with professors or PhD students who are interested in mentoring students in research projects related to their interests.

Scholarly Programs

Established programs like CIS, Scholar Launch, etc.

We help students find and prepare for competitions within their passions to help them gain skills and experiences that build them as students.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Student Impact Projects

We help students develop a special impact project from their passions. We provide them with the resources to plan, build, and implement their project.

Catalyst X

Student-led Competition for Solving Local Societal Problems

Community Events

We also sponsor events in our communities to support educational opportunities and build our network to help students. Here are some examples of events we have been a part of.

图片 1.jpg

We helped sponsor the UCA National Youth Convention where students could showcase their research and ideas. Many of our students participated. Highlights from the event can be seen here.

Image by Wan San Yip

We have sponsored the United Chinese Convention where professionals  could meet and collaborate on ways to develop systems to support students in need. This multifaceted approach helps students.


This is an event created for the Chinese community in the Washington DC area to celebrate Chinese culture through art, performance, food, and cultural education. Several students displayed their projects for benefiting the community.

Image by Matt Popovich

We have helped the Chinese American Museum build exhibits and find volunteers to help support this educational institution. We specifically helped students install a Taoism exhibit and an exhibition on Buddhist art from Dunhuang.

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