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Our Globe: Photography and Documentary Exhibition

October 7, 2023

Future Reimagined supported several students in hosting an art exhibition highlighting the many perspectives of Our Globe. Below we showcase each student.

Chenxi (Rita) Xiang


Rita premiered her documentary, “One Step Forward” which follows Ade, a young Tibetan doctor. Ade faced many challenges in her life on her journey to becoming a doctor. By doing so she paved the way for many other young women to fulfill their own dreams. Rita was able to powerfully capture this inspiring story and share it with the world. Rita continues to highlight the journeys of women who make a difference in the world and bring positive change.

Qize (William) Li


William, a senior at the London International Academy, chose to showcase photos from his several journeys to Kenya where he was able to capture the beautiful wildlife and the vibrant culture of the people. William focused on helping local communities as he travels, looking for ways to contribute to their development and support. He is also an environmental advocate who has worked for sustainability and conservation through founding numerous clubs and organizations. He believes strongly that he can use his photography skills to benefit the world.

Zhiheng (Andy) Mai


Andy, a senior at Tabor Academy, focused his collection on the concept of ‘Every Day Identity.’ Through his photography, Andy has focused on the everyday lives of individuals across the world, especially those from the Middle Eastern region. He hopes to show that people have unique identities that defy generalizations and stereotypes. Through understanding each other as individuals, we can overcome barriers and he hopes that he can teach this to the world through documentary photography.

Hongdi (Josh) Chen


Josh plans to major in photography, continuing his journey to highlight the way that people seek connections. He sees life as constantly in motion and tries to capture the various movements of people as they navigate this confusing life. He especially loves the interplay between human civilization and nature, and often treks into the mountains to take pictures while ice climbing.

Shiyu Dong


Shiyu is a twelfth grade student from Henan, currently studying in the US. His showcase highlights a prominent aspect of his hometown: the extensive network of trains that bring commerce. This was a core piece of his childhood, and he wanted to share that piece of his heart. Shiyu hopes to use his photography to show the beauty in small things in life.

Yimin (Amelia) Peng


Amelia is a high school student from Shenzhen with a passion for the environment. In her exhibition, she showcased both her environmentally-conscious fashion line and her up-close nature photography. She believes strongly in sustainable business and respecting even the smallest members of the ecosystem. She hopes to continue to use her business and her art to be an example of environmentally conscious practices.

Mingyu Li


Mingyu is a student at the University of Maryland, College Park where she studies computer science. Photography is a passion of hers that she is able to channel into her programming to give her a unique perspective. Mingyu loves to travel and explore and is constantly seeking new perspectives. She chose to highlight her experiences in Tibet, showcasing the grand landscapes and architecture of this marvelous place. She will continue to explore the intersections between culture, art, and computer science as she studies.

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